Our Story

Interactive Achievement was created in 2006 by educators in response to the overwhelming need for better assessment and reporting tools.

Our goal is to create programs that give educators the most accurate assessment of student progress throughout the school year so every student has the greatest chance to succeed. Interactive Achievement’s software solutions assist hundreds of school districts, raising the bar for student achievement. As we grow, we constantly strive to create new ways for educators to track student progress and potential.

Our award-winning onTRAC™ Assessment Management Software (AMS) software provides division-level administrators, subject-area coordinators, principals, and classroom teachers with a robust databank of questions from which to develop a variety of student assessments. onTRAC is a tool to better prepare students for end-of-year testing.

Our onTRAC™ Longitudinal Data System (LDS) system is a web-based data management tool that allows for the querying, viewing, and analysis of multiple, often fragmented, data sets. onTRAC LDS also provides intervention tracking.

Our commitment to our clients is simple: we will consistently refine our software and services to best serve your needs, creating productive, educational communities every step of the way.