The Importance of Writing Quality Items in Assessment

writing quality items

The Importance of Writing Quality Items Assessment is an aspect of the rigorous formative assessment cycle that requires precision to be effective.  The items, which constitute an assessment, are the foundation upon which teachers build inferences about student understanding.  Properly written items produce accurate data about student comprehension that guide […]


IA’s Pledge: Safeguarding Student Privacy


Over the past decade, classroom technology has improved the learning environment for every stakeholder in student education. With technology comes additional challenges including protecting student data and privacy. At Interactive Achievement, we take protecting student data as seriously as seeing the children of our future succeed. Educators and families have […]


Using Descriptive Feedback as Part of Formative Assessment


Formative assessment improves student achievement.  It has been proven in countless research studies, conducted over the past decade, to be one of the most effective instructional tools to positively influence student achievement.  When teachers, students, and their peers effectively utilize formative assessment, they are making conscientious decisions about the next […]


Developing an Authentic Learning Program Through The IA Foundation for Kids

IA Foundation For Kids

Developing an Authentic Learning Program Through The IA Foundation For Kids Four years ago we decided that we would start the IA Foundation for Kids. We focused our intentions on helping at-risk students throughout the area and state by supporting schools with funds and ideas to help the students on […]


Inspired & Impacted By a Young onTRAC User


Inspired & Impacted By a Young onTRAC User The story of meeting 10-year-old onTRAC user, Toby Tate, and providing him with a short mentorship was one that inspired employees of Interactive Achievement, leaving us revitalized with the contagious childhood energies of curiosity, playfulness, and an enduring sense that the world […]